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Plant a Seed and Watch it Grow – Chef’s Organic Garden at the Inn

Plant a Seed and Watch it Grow – Chef’s Organic Garden at the Inn  

With the recent celebration of Father’s Day, it reminded me of a couple of lessons my Dad taught me. Well, let’s just stick with one of those lessons and leave the others to be remembered. “Bump” was my father’s nickname, a.k.a. Monty Glenn Thomas. Do not ask me why or how he received such an accolade. Dad always had a garden in our moving homestead travels through the Midwest while growing up. Monty taught me to “plant a seed, watch it grow, then eat it to survive.” Not knowing where this would lead me in life as a young teenager, but here I am today, a chef loving anything I can grow to cook, then eat, and even share with others to enjoy.

So, the Inn at Europa Village has this beautiful hilltop view, panoramic for sure! The Viognier Room has a west facing private balcony with sunset and mountain vistas, the Tempranillo vineyard stretching out below, all the way down to the Europa Village Winery tasting room. This was always the path I envisioned for my zipline down to the winery. Instead, the available hillside where the vineyards stop, where the lawn ends under the twin palm trees needed a purpose. We decided to build a chef’s garden. We built a four foot cement wall to level off the land and then fill it with 40 yards of rich compost. Thank you to Ben Drake, our Vineyard Manager!

I will forever have the vision in my mind of Damien, our Chef De Cuisine, running a Bobcat skid loader up and down the driveway for two straight days hauling the compost. It was dumped onto the patio where David, Clint and Albert used wheelbarrows to load the compost by hand into the garden well until it was full. Then came the fencing to keep out the critters and the irrigation.

My good friend Tim Connelly supplied us with some seedlings, we still plant the trays with seeds weekly to replenish. On hands and knees the garden was planted, then watching it grow daily waiting until something comes to fruit that we can prepare for the “Breakfast Experience” each morning…Thanks Dad!

Come stay with us! Enjoy a relaxing time and decompress for a few days in the beautiful Temecula Valley Wine Country at the Inn at Europa. We look forward to preparing breakfast for you very soon.

Chef Dean & Nicole
Chef Damien