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Try this method of dry salt-curing olives in the old world manner. The process will take about four to six weeks to achieve their desired taste.

Start to pick the olives when solid black in color. Lay a sheet on the ground below the tree to catch the olives falling while picking. De-stem and remove the leaves, then wash the olives and allow to dry.

Weight the olive harvest and place into a burlap bag or pillow case. Add an equal amount of Kosher salt to the olives and hang outside or in the garage. Be careful where you choose, for they will eventually start to leach a salt liquid and be a bit messy. Each day you have to shake and stir the olives in the salt bag for up to 4-6 weeks. Taste the olives for their fruitiness once they have started to “cure”. When the desired fruit flavor has been reached, remove them from the salt and rinse. Spread out to dry overnight. You can then pack them into jars with oil.
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