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Tortilla Espanola Serrano Ham Piquillo Pepper and Olive Marinade

YIELD: 8 Servings

“This traditional recipe features the flavor the the serrano ham in side the potato tortilla then add the marinated piquillo pepper and olives with the tapas for contrast. pair with a glass or two of Bolero Cellars Tempranillo. A PERFECT Tapas together. Cheers!”


Tortilla Espanola-Serrano Ham
2 ½ lb. Yukon Gold Potatoes, peeled, thinly sliced,-evenly
2 cups Spanish Olive Oil
½ cup Spanish onion, thinly sliced
¼ cup Serrano Ham, minced fine
6 each Whole eggs, beaten
Salt and Black Pepper to taste

Piquillo Pepper & Olive Marinade
6 oz. Piquillo Peppers, quarter wedge slices
¼ cup Spanish Manzanilla Olives, remove pit, quarter
1 each Shallot, sliced thinly
2 TB. Spanish Olive Oil
½ tsp. Jerez Sherry Vinegar


Using a 12-inch Teflon skillet, heat 2 cups of the olive oil to medium heat, about 200-degrees. Place a slice of potato into the oil to test, it should slightly bubble. You do not want to brown the potato. Add the sliced Yukon gold potatoes in to the oil to blanch. When the potato is half way tender add the onions and Serrano ham to sweat until the onion is soft and translucent. Drain the ingredients in a calendar, reserving the excess olive oil for future use. Place the potato mixture into a medium mixing bowl and add the beaten eggs; lightly stir, not to break up the potato slices. Heat the Teflon skillet over high heat to prevent sticking, add the tortilla mixture. Shake slightly to settle the ingredients into the pan; lower the heat to low. Allow to cook over low heat until the sides start to brown. Using a larger platter over the pan, place on top and carefully turn over. Slide the golden brown tortilla back into the pan to continue the cooking process over low heat for another 5-8 minutes to assure the center is set. Remove from heat and flip onto the platter in the same manner. Allow to set up for a few minutes before slicing into wedges for service. Using a small mixing bowl, toss the flavors together of the Piquillo peppers, olives, shallot and olive oil.

On small service plates, place a wedge of the room temperature Tortilla Espanola-Serrano Ham along side the marinated Piquillo Peppers & olives.

Bon Appetito!