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A Trip to La Boqueria Market in Barcelona and More Tapas  

A Trip to La Boqueria Market

One of the best and largest fresh food markets I have ever seen in my 40 years as a chef. I was like a kid in a candy store. If we lived here, this is where I would shop every day for dinner and while doing so enjoy lunch at the tapas bar inside. The seasons bring the freshest ingredients to the table.

La Boqueria Market

Fall brought fresh mushrooms of every variety, of course we had to sit and taste them.

La Boqueria Market
La Boqueria Market

The market is full of little bars to sit at, drink wine and taste the bounty that is present right in the stalls across from where you sit. Everything from butchers with every cut imaginable including offals and various chorizo sausages, seafood mongers galore, farmers with their garden grown goods, eggs from every type of poultry imaginable and the local sweet of nugget made into every possible flavor combination. Of course Nicole packed a few pounds into our returning suitcases.

La Boqueria Market

Kudos to Restaurant Monvinic! This is one of the top 5 wine bars in the world with over 3,000 bottles in their cellars. We stayed and tasted Spanish wines before and all through a spectacular food and wine paired dinner. Each wine you tasted came with your own lap top that shared all the tasting notes, information about the varietal, region and when you clicked on the winery the page brought you directly to a link at the winery itself to meet the winemakers. After we closed down the dining room and paid the bill to depart, there was a list of every wine with the label information printed out for us to take home. Wow! Chapeau Isabelle @ Monvinic!!

Restaurant Monvinic

Next stop the quaint City of Arles

Chef Dean


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